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Kells Staff

Kells Counselling has a team of therapists that are commited to ethical and healing inteventions for individuals, couples, and families. Kells is made up of an assortment of Masters-level therapists, registered provisional psychologists, registered psychologists, and clinical social workers, each with specific skill sets and specialties. Clients are assisted in choosing a therapist by our experienced intake coordinator, Liz Ryckman, based on the client's needs, goals, and schedule.

Click To EnlargeJanet Ryan - Newell B.Ed., M.Ed. with distinction, Executive Director Click To EnlargeLaura Clark M.Ed., Registered Psychologist Click To EnlargeJune Knobel M.S.W., Clinical Social Worker
Click To EnlargePatricia Gingras M.Sc., Registered Psychologist Click To EnlargeAliya Manji M.A., Registered Psychologist Click To EnlargeFarzad Zare - Bawani Ph.D. Psych., Provisional Psychologist
Click To EnlargeLindsay Wolf - Owczarek M.C., Registered Psychologist Click To EnlargeChristie Ladouceur M.C., Registered Psychologist Click To EnlargeMarti Lysek - Behiels M.C., Provisional Psychologist
Click To EnlargeKara Gushuliak M.Sc., Registered Psychologist Click To EnlargeLauren Appleby M.A., Registered Psychologist Click To EnlargeChandra Ashton M.Sc., Counselling Therapist
Alyssa Ryan, Psychological Assistant, Counsellor, Master's Researcher Craig Ryan, B.A., Psychological Assistant Click To EnlargeSherri Farbin M.Sc., Provisional Psychologist

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